Forming Bars
The cast V-Die can be used with the table mounted V-Punch (see cover) or 3" pin to bend heavy bar stock. Many jobs normally done on a heavy press brake can now be done on your Bentec ram bender.

Rings can be formed to any diameter by using multiple strike intervals.

Build Your Own Tooling

Your imagination is the Bentec ram bender's only limitation. Multiple hole locations for alloy steel pins provide numerous attachments points for leverage on hundreds of different bending applications. Six tapped holes on both sides of the work table allow for extension tables, stops, etc. The heavy top plate can be drilled and tapped to provide even more versatility to your Bentec ram bender.

The Bentec ram benders can be adapted to other tooling systems. Buy a new modern reliable bender and use your existing tooling. If your jobs are always changing, you need a machine to meet those new challenges. The Bentec ram bender is a true "job-shop" machine. With three models to choose from, you can find just the right combination of power and speed.

Bentec ram benders are ideal for straightening shafts, bars, etc. thanks to using stroke position instead of press force. Just reset the limit switch stop nut until straight. The unique bed design allows you to obtain maximum leverage with multiple pin locations.

Structural Shapes

With simple dies fabricated in your own shop, you can now bend channels, beams, angles and tees.

Limit Switches
Limit switches insure accuracy and repeatability. Set the amount of bend that is required with the stop nuts and each subsequent bend will be the same.

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